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Vellamod in a nutshell


Vellamod - Modbus/TCP -packet editor/generator


I wanted to send some Modbus packets with corrupted, illegal header. And because TCP is intended to be handled as a stream, I also added a possibility to send Modbus package in pieces. Not whole package at once but byte by byte if wanted. One can select any byte(s) from 'Data to send' window and press the 'Send' button. Only selected bytes are sent and they don't need to be selected in any specific order. Also data normally following header's function code byte can be edited freely at 'Data' field. Non-hex characters are removed when Update button is pressed. Data can be entered without spaces between the bytes. If odd amount of characters is used, '0' is added to the end of the data string.

Basically, the only difference comparing to any SW capable to send freely selectable data to communication parner is that with Vellamod one can more easily edit certain points of Modbus header.

Server's response is shown at window 'Data received'.

Runs on XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8 but because of the FireMonkey used, RDP requires at least Vista.

Vellamod is given away 'as it is' - I don't take any responsibility of it, nor possible harm caused by bugs or misuse of it.

And it's freeware. Use it, spread it, distribute it - no costs whatsoever.