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  Current version: 1.8.2      
Vellamod - Modbus/TCP

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Peruna - Modbus/TCP

Ananas in a nutshell

  Ananas - Modbus/TCP -server/client - is a mighty fruit supporting
two simultaneously active TCP connections.
Full range (0 - 65535) of 16-bit input- and holding registers is supported.
Ananas has an integrated Modbus/TCP client, which utilizes server's address space.
DDE connection to registers (input and holding) supported.

Features like logging server's data exchange, generate exceptions and reply
with wrong TI, makes Ananas handy for Modbus client functionality testing.
Only one executable file, thus no need for installation routines before usage.

And it's freeware. Use it, spread it, distribute it - no costs whatsoever.



Last update: 18.04.2016